Exhibitions, Film Work & Press

Laura Du Vé work has spanned the art world and film world. Here is a list of exhibitions and short films showcasing her work.


Femme Armour - 2016

Du Vé's first solo show, December 2016 discusses feminine identity on the queer spectrum. Her work is a reflection of the queer femmes in Melbourne and in Brooklyn, NY & LA. In expressing  the softness, strength and sheer power that comes with being femme in world that looks down on femininity and praises masculinity, her work discusses body image, culture and identity. Du Vé wished to show the joy, and strength of femme people. Looking at LGBTQIA+ history we see femmes at the forefront of each movement, however femme roles in history are often excluded – trans femme people of colour in particular. Her work acknowledges our past and present, recognising the emotional and physical labour femmes give to our communities. In evaluating this idea, Du Vé discovered the Femme Shark Manifesto, which this series was directly inspired by. This exhibition is part of an ongoing series of work and was shown at The Goodness Bureau.


Strength in Visions - Melbourne Fringe 2017

Strength in visions was a group show at No Vacancy Gallery in QV as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival. It was place to platform those who are a part of diverse communities. This exhibitions featured artists and performers who are queer, people of colour, neurotypical, body-positive, and showcasing their culture heritage. Strength in Visions invited the public to experience what gives us as a community, our strength historically to today.


Fatter irl: LA -2017

Fatter IRL: LA was a group exhibition curated by Annie Rose Malamet. The works spanned photography, illustration, video art, and performance.

Fatter IRL: LA exhibition coverage by Abbey Sacks art abbeysacksart.com

Calendar Girls - 2018

Calendar Girls is a web series that can be found at calendargirlstv.com.

Du Vé’s worked on Mx Taurus a video documentary by Ranima Montes starting Olivia Crawford working on set and capturing behind the scenes and stills for post production.


Desperately Seeking shavers| abc iview 2018

Laura Du Vé worked with Emmett Aldred and Christina Radburn to assist in capturing film stills for this short documentary as part of ABC’s Mardi Gras 40th Anniversary coverage. Du Ve’s stills photography work can be found on abc.net.au/iview and here.


Laura Du Vé was featured on Man Repeller homepage in Feb 2018 wearing and promoting Plus size brand PREMME.

Interview with 3cr community radio

Laura Du Ve´ was featured on 3CR radio in December 2017 as part of her promotion of her exhibition at UENO gallery and Plant shop in Northcote, Victoria.