Stills work:


Redbull Australia Ultra Music Festival 2018

ACMI Honcho x Wonderland

Her Words International Womens' Day Panel

Melbourne City Council: Melbourne Knowledge Week Launch

Melbourne Music Week “Technicolour Wonderland” Promotional Shots MEL, AUS

Andrew Blogg & Domini Blogg Wedding ceremony


Simona Castricum Triumph vinyl insert image.  MEL, AUS

Maya Weiss “Blackout” Music video

Loose Tooth “All The Colours Gone” Music video


Posture Magazine, Saturn Rising Q&A & accompanying images.  NY, USA

Archer Magazine, Nayuka Gorrie portrait Issue #9

Archer Magazine, issue #11 Gala Vanting Portraits.

Keep Brave Zine, MEL, AUS

Swampland Magazine 2017, MEL, AUS

Be Collective Magazine 2017 MEL, AUS

Miss Blanks for Laneway Festival,  2018 Nationwide AUS

Miss Blanks, Skinny Bitches single image 2017. BRIS, AUS (available on Apple Music & Spotify)

Huntly Promotional band images 2017 MEL, AUS

Minus 18 Promotional website images 2017 MEL, AUS

Strawberry Fields Festival 2017 MEL, AUS

Drummond Street Youth Services - Queerspace promotional images internal, MEL, AUS

Fem&ist Film Festival Official Photographer


Haus of Dizzy Jewellery MEL, AUS

Unlucky Lingerie International MEL based

Remuse Designs



Instagram: @femmeplastic

Evanescence by Amos Gebhardt performance as part of South Australian Gallery, Adelaide Biennial. 

Remuse Equinox V Vênus Runway for Virgin Australia Fashion Festival (VAMFF) 2018 as seen in Fashion Journal & Vogue Australia

Melbourne Fashion Week walking for “Filfy Rish” Clothing MEL, AUS

Hopeless Lingerie brand ambassador MEL, AUS

Alexandrea Anissa Lingerie  NY, USA

JBC Lingerie, MEL, AUS

Subvrt Magazine SYD, AUS

Archer Magazine, model and creative director issue #9 AUS, USA, UK

Habits “Limp” Music video MEL, AUS

Kaiit 2000 n something music video,  MEL, AUS

Miss Blanks “This Bitch” music video MEL, AUS out Nov 2.

Habits “Reverend Mother” music video MEL, AUS

Featured on ABC2 Triple J Hack episode on “body obsession” SYD, AUS 


  • Brands:

PUMA AU NZ Aki Yaguchi & Melissa Grisancich

Haus of Dizzy Jewellery

Passionfruit Store

  • MUA Films:

Palm Springs film festival & Chicago film festival selection Perisher short film

Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) selection Great Again

  • MUA Music:

Yung Billy Davis music video

Simona Castricum Triumph album cover

Maya “Blackout” Music video

Loose Tooth “All the Colours Gone” Music video

  • Events:

Melbourne Music Week Technicolour Wonderland

Evie Disco Diner GLOW event