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Plus Size Fashion Consulting

How We got here…

Laura Du Vé was always interested in fashion. She struggled to find clothes that fit comfortably on her body in her teens and found it so frustrating that she couldnt wear what her smaller friends were wearing, and the options that were available to her were just not fashion forward or very interesting. In 2014 she started posting images of herself on Tumblr. Her images were of self empowerment and expressed strength and confidence in her body. She was expressing her love for lingerie while also having a body size that usually didn't care to show off their curves. To her surprise she was reblogged thousands of times through her blog. She began seeing other plus size women share their images and felt inspired to share her own style online. This was in the very beginning days of the body positive community and before Instagram was the prolific platform it is today.  She posed in lingerie she loved, highlighting local designers that stocked plus sizes, to show that bigger bodies can still be desirable and look great in lingerie. She travelled to the states in 2015 and got a few of her first modeling jobs showcasing lingerie designers from San Fransisco and New York. She found messages from women in her inbox constantly,  coming to her for styling advice and asking how she became as confident in herself. The answer was, there was no one answer. Her number one rule was stop interacting with television and media that tells you to make yourself smaller. To diet, to obsess over every tiny flaw that's out of your control. She expressed that we are allowed to take up public spaces with our bodies and shouldn't feel like we need to constantly be smaller, thinner, lesser while we also have so much else to worry about in the world. She was featured on ABC Triple J Hack to discuss body image, and spoke several times on Triple J radio. She continued to write about her experiences, and post images of herself on tumblr and instagram. Through working with Hopeless Lingerie she found herself with an instagram platform and decided to look into modeling. She was signed by Folk Collective. She walked for VAMFF, and was apart of Discount Universe's media film for their last showcasing in Melbourne, before deciding to do more freelance modeling work. She has curated and styled looks with items from brands such as Unlucky Lingerie (MEL), Premme (LA) , JBC Lingerie (MEL), Alexandrea Anissa (SF) Fashion Nova (US), Playful Promises (UK), Rue107 (NY),  Hopeless Lingerie (MEL), Alpha 60 (MEL)Remuse Designs (MEL/NY) , Boohoo (UK),  Suku (MEL), Discount Universe (MEL/NY) , Xoe Hall (NZ) Gun Shy Designs (MEL), FILFY RISH (MEL), Doodad & Fandango (SYD), Self Perform (MEL),  Proud Mary Fashion (LA), Diesel Australia, My State of Liberty as part of Melbourne Fashion Week Plus & many more. 

 We deserve to exist & thrive in our individuality. Which is what Laura Du Vé Creative+ is all about. 

Through her consulting business she works with brands keen to expand their current sizing or work with plus size brands to create more fashion forward, dynamic and statement pieces. She takes on the hard questions that can come with designing clothing for a more inclusive range of bodies. 

Most recently we have seen Chromat have multiple busts explaining how different sizes don't necessarily just have a sizing-up factor, but a different shape to consider with larger bodies.  

Through these conversations Laura hopes to help the Australian fashion market become more excited about the world of plus size fashion.

There is so much exciting style to come! 

Do you have a brand keen on expanding your sizing? Do you have a plus size brand that you're keen to create powerful garment?

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